Personal Statement

There is no one in the world without a bit of panic reaction and anxiety depression. Anxiety is our body's way of replying to any danger whether known or unknown. It is just a feeling. Your body gets tensed, you breathe irregularly, your heart pounds and you feel lightheaded which is the complete against to what you experience when you are relaxed. But as it is not possible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time it is essentially to fortify your body by learning to relax your complete body health.

Anxiety and Panic attacks could be controlled and remedied by some certain simple techniques, which could help avoid and get free overall from this syndrome. Some common natural tips that need to be followed in this regard are as follows. Before proceeding to explain to you about one of the most effective and natural systems that could keep away your Anxiety forever, I would like to give you a few practical tips that would relieve the anxiety and depression and help reduce the agony.

  • If you are a person who constantly worries then meditation and deep breathing can help you relax.
  • Always start your day with a little nutritious breakfast with small portions to be eaten throughout the day. If there is a long time gap while you eat the blood sugar drops which causes you to become irritable and anxious. So have to sure that your eating habits are healthy and good.
  • If you are a stated drinker of beverages like tea, coffee and soda that include caffeine it would be a good idea to either reduce the intake or stop it altogether. Caffeine interferes with the sleeping pattern; increases anxiety and can even induce panic attacks.
  • Exercise is pondered as a natural and most dominant treatment to relieve anxiety. Among the various forms of exercises, aerobic exercise is considered to be very effective for the body. Aerobic exercise is said to help in releasing tension and stress from our mind, and builds it up mental and physical energy and overall makes you feel good.
  • If you are in the habit of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes when you are feeling attend worry or anxious it would be good to give up the habit. Even though alcohol tends to try remove reduce anxiety, it in fact causes the symptoms when its effect wears off. This habit may also lead you to dependence and alcohol abuse. The same also applies to smoking which may appear to calm you is actually causing the opposite effect on you. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerful stimulant which in reality raises your levels of anxiety.