Ilana Hecht


& Certified Life Coach

Cognitive/Behavioral Approach with Art Therapy Application
For: Children, Teens and Adults of all ages.


Being an artist as well as a therapist, I am fascinated by the profound significance the use of simple art materials can have in the therapeutic process. Giving forms and colors to feelings and thoughts, helps us to redefine counter-productive perceptions about life experiences. The opportunity for self expression, with professional guidance, promotes one’s self-awareness and insight. It improves problem solving skills, coping with life stressors, communication, and appreciation for our uniqueness as individual human beings. In my private practice I welcome people of all ages who are looking to explore, understand, and overcome obstacles that interfere with their ability to maximize a positive life experience.

In sessions I integrate talk therapy (cognitive/behavioral), with use of art materials when possible. Artistic skills are not required, just an open mind and willingness to unlock rusted doors with a different key. My goal is to listen beyond the spoken words, and to provide each client with Support, Guidance, Nurture, Coaching, Coping Strategies, and Motivation, as needed to rise above the hurt, the fear, and the self-doubt, and to move to a happier, fuller life.