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Cognitive/Behavioral Approach with Art Therapy Application
For: Children, Teens and Adults of all ages.


Looking For Child Therapy In Closter, New Jersey?

Children face many challenges, and being new in the world, they slowly learn the rules of how to behave. They explore and learn how to respond and act in different situations. Sometimes, a child encounters a problem that he or she can not cope with and therefore develops distinctive behaviors to deal with the problem. These coping behaviors can start out benign and occur as a result of common stressful situations such as divorce, moving (to a new place), transitioning to a new school, bullying, personal traumas, and everyday problems at home. Sometimes the coping mechanisms children express can escalate and become more worrisome and indicate more care and guidance is needed.

Do You Have A Sensitive Child?

In addition to these environmental factors, a child may have difficulties that are not dependent on their environment that affect them, such as a tendency to be overly anxious, problems communicating, extreme shyness, attention deficit disorder (ADD; ADHD), and decreased self-confidence to name a few.

When Should You Find a Child Therapist?

You may need to seek therapy when your child’s behavior begins to interfere with daily life. Problems with bedwetting, depression, social dysfunction, aggression, and other behaviors are problems arising from negative thoughts and processes in a child’s psyche. Persistent, intrusive thoughts can skewer a child’s perception of reality. Negative thoughts create a negative perception of reality. It is therefore important to identify these thoughts as early as possible. By identifying and understanding them, a child can form alternative thoughts. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), children receive tools and learn how to identify these thoughts themselves, and how to use the tools they receive in therapy to deal with various thoughts that cause difficulty.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy For Children

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, Ilana also uses art therapy in treating children. Depending on age or the severity of the issue, a child may find it difficult or impossible to express their feelings and thoughts verbally. Art therapy is an effective tool for expressing feelings and thoughts, and sometimes even repressed feelings, which may have previously gone unnoticed. The focus of the expressive work opens a window of calm in children, in which they can concentrate on the creative experience and thus reduce the level of tension they experience as a result. This is an indirect method of affecting, engaging, and treating a child’s emotional well-being.

Finding A Child Therapist

Although the stigma of seeking therapy for children is being combated actively in the media, it still takes courage to make the first call. Seeking help does not mean parents have given up on their child. It is also not a way of admitting things have gotten out of control. Seeking therapy for your child is a way of receiving the kind of guidance that can lead parents and children on a path to a simpler reality and to ease the child’s suffering.

Get Help, Get Child Therapy

Ilana Hecht has many years of experience treating children in Closter, New Jersey and helping to bring healing and a sense of order to the numerous emotional scrapes our children endure growing up. You’re not alone, call now or fill out a contact form today.

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